The Samaritan tank – quirky glamping


The Samaritan tank is the next quirky project to be started here at RAF Wainfleet. It will be located at our picturesque lake along side our other quirky accommodation such as the unimog and kaleb.

Arrival of the samaritan tank

The tank was picked up from Tanks a lot towards the end of January in anticipation of us finishing the unimog and being ready to start a new quirky project. The unimog is finished now and we will be looking to start the tank in between current maintenance jobs, with a view to having it finished for this spring. However, there is now a green Goddess fire engine on its way. Depending on how much work that requires, it may take priority.

The tank as it stands


A spare couple of days and we have made a start on the tank. As always the first job is to strip down and take a look at the bare canvas. However, in this case, we also have an awning type arrangement that we have found that looks like it could be restored to provide a lovely outdoor seating area with view over the lake.

The pole frame is rusted up and has taking some time to free but looks to be intact. However, the canvas is not intact! It looks as though it has been a lovely home for some kind of wildlife for a few years! There are holes everywhere so if we are to use this in the future we will have to get a new canvas made to fit the frame….. But still a great addition to an unusual glamping pod.

Getting it fired up and running so that we can move it about whilst we renovate will be one of the next jobs


Slow progress due to other work load but Josh has got the underfloor heating installed and is now busy insulating the walls.

In the mean time we are trying to find a suitable colour for the inside. We can then have a look at the options of cladding provided by cladding monkey. The company that have supplied our lining materials for both the plane and the unimog.


Cladding arrived at the beginning of April and can now be glued to the insulation to provide a nice finish to the inside of the tank. Once the ceiling cladding had been installed we put in the LED’s. This was done so that the cabling could be hidden behind the walls. The red is NOT a permanent colour, it just happened to be the default setting!

14.04.23 – The cladding is coming along well. Most of it is finished, just a few little obstacles to overcome such as the edging around the turret hole and the door frame. Hopefully this can be done with some kind of strips of carefully placed carpet.

The turret

The tanks turret

Whilst waiting for glue to set we have decided to take a look at the turret and how it will be attached. Slightly bigger problem than expected… This turret isn’t made for this particular tank! Having taken a look at the underside, it appears that we are going to have to make some serious alterations. Which could be interesting being as it is made from an aluminium alloy to provide strength for its armour.

27.04.2023 – the paint job

Over the last week we have been desperately trying to prepare the tank for its paint job. However, it turned into a nightmare, taking for ever to get no where. Something drastic had to happen and so we called in the services of our local blacksmith, Mark Gething, to shot blast the whole thing! We now have a naked tank!

23.05.2023 – Painting finished

Aaron Bailey (Bailey’s paint and body) has kindly squeezed us into his busy schedule and the Samaritan has its new paint job. Nato green. All that remains now is for the turret to be painted and fitted, plus a few cosmetics inside. Hopefully it will be available for booking from mid June.

12.07.23 – Completion

A little later than hoped but the tank is now completed and receiving bookings. Located on its pad over looking the lake, the tank now has it’s own picnic table, bbq and firepit.

The awning has also been replaced, creating an extra space for a table and chairs.

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