Sea King – helicopter


05.10.2023. Our Sea King and Navajo aircraft arrived. However, we were not in a position to start works over the winter months due to other work commitments. So, after a little head scratching, we decided to try to get the helicopter down the side of our farm buildings to store inside for the winter.

Stripping out

29.01.2024 – We finally made time to start stripping out and preparing the Sea King for insulation, wiring and boarding. An incredibly tedious job due to the sheer amount of cables and pipework that were buried in the walls. None of which can be removed easily!! Two weeks later we had prepped the walls ready for British insulation services to come and apply a foam insulation ready for us to start boarding.

Boarding the inside

20.04.24 – We have now finished boarding the inside. This had to be done by using two layers of 3mm ply, the first of which to find some sort of fixings. This meant cutting the board into small enough pieces to be able to bend them roughly into shape. A second layer was then added to take out some of the bends in the shape of the helicopter to provide a better surface to attach the final layer of pvc boards.

PVC boards and underfloor heating

22.04.24 – We have now, just about. finished the pvc boarding. Although it does look like we have had some sort of breakdown! I’m sure it will look alright by the time we have fished adding the furniture and decorating it! The under floor heating has also been installed and tested. The next step will be to lay the floor on top of it.

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