Glamping fire engine – The Green Goddess

Arrival of the fire engine glamping pod

14.03.2023 – Our Green Goddess has arrived. Not the best timing as we are only half way through our tank conversion. However we didn’t want to miss the opportunity. The 1950’s glamping fire engine arrived a few days ago and will now be put into our workshop until we get the tank finished. We are hoping to have both in place on the lake and available by mid summer.

Stripping out

Due to other work commitments the Green Goddess has had to take a bit of a back seat. However, it has now been completely stripped out and work has started on making good the inside. Here are a few pictures to show what we started with and what it looked like once boarded.


Next came wiring up and creating the new look inside. We have designed the inside to sleep 4 people. A double bed located at the rear of the vehicle with two bench seats that can be converted into single beds or used to sit around a table. The two, original, front seats have been put on swivels so that they can be used as extra seating as well as for their original purpose when the vehicle is mobile.

A mini fridge and drinks area will be created in one of the external storage compartments both to save space but also to be used to chill drinks and food when using the bbq and outdoor area.

Inside so far


This week we have begun preparing the outside for its paint job. Stripping off all the removable parts such as ladders and hoses. The original paint work will then be sanded back ready for Baileys paint and body to come and give it its new look.


New paint has now been applied. Stickers and sign writing to follow. Whilst all this has been going on, we have also finished the inside and so are hoping to locate on the lake later this week


The Goddess did get finished but only in time for the winter and so has been sat waiting for the spring weather. It is now out on the lake alongside our other unique glamping pods and ready to take bookings.

The following pictures show the finished product.

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